About us

“EKT” – European quality and affordable price

“EKT” is a trade mark of LLC “EKT-RUS”. EKT is a short name for European Fastening Systems.

LLC “EKT-RUS was created in year 2000, formerly specialized in selling of German KEW-WERK  AG fasteners.  In year 2006, the company using it’s  knowledge base and experience, decided to introduce an own brand -  “EKT” to the Russian market. The new brand “EKT” combined:  European quality, leading production and appliance technologies; handy and unique packing; consumer orientation. The company product line is a combination of wide product range versus best price/European quality.

EKT products have a reputation of top quality fastening systems. EKT has around one hundred thousand trading partners, who prefer choosing our products and working with us. EKT is a top three leading importer of fasteners in Russian Federation.

In 2011 EKT has introduced a new trade policy, unique in Russia. We defined the market by  breaking it down to distribution channels. These channels helped us achieve a custom-made solution and guarantee unique cooperation conditions to every partner.

Today EKT product range includes more than 2000 product types. We can guarantee a stable supply of goods to meet the demands of clients in every field: basic construction, roofing, furniture production, electrical mounting. Using our wide dealer and distributor network we can provide the best logistic solutions to our clients.

EKT has opened a quality control center which uses a high precision testing equipment and can test all mechanical parameters of fasteners. We also use independent laboratories for metallurgy and other specialized services. All EKT products are certified.

EKT has a vast supplier base located in Europe, China (P.R.C), Taiwan. We are open to international cooperation. EKT has opened a subsidiary company (2006) in Belarus “EKT Minsk” and a representative office in Shanghai, China (2010).

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